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388 Banfield Songs & Football Chants

Football team playing in the Primera División, Argentina

1602 Banfield Is My Life The fans love Banfield רשימת השמעה
4390 Come on Taladro Banfield is my reason to live רשימת השמעה
4604 We Will Continue Fighting Taladro, be as strong as your hinchada רשימת השמעה
4973 We Must Encourage the Drill Banfield chanting against the police. The drill is the nickname for Banfield team רשימת השמעה
5020 The Crazy Gang Taladro no matter what or where רשימת השמעה
5141 Since I Was a Child Always obsessed רשימת השמעה
6274 Put Some Balls Into It No choice but winning, Banfield רשימת השמעה
6323 Move It Taladro Come On the mighty Taladro רשימת השמעה
10162 Banfield, My Reason to Live Mayhem in Brazil רשימת השמעה
11589 The Ones Cheering You On NEW Banfield boys following Taladro everywhere רשימת השמעה
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13553 Come on Bon NEW Banfield can be champions רשימת השמעה
14428 I Swear on My Life Insulting Lanus רשימת השמעה
15456 Years Go By NEW Insulting Lanus רשימת השמעה
15694 Don't Be Afraid NEW Telling the Banfield fans not to be afraid of singing. רשימת השמעה


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